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React.js Development

With such a popular JavaScript library as React.JS, the IntexSoft team is able to build scalable and beautiful applications that will satisfy your end-users. Working with React.js for 5 years already, we know how to build great interactive user interfaces that translate companies’ spirit to their clients.


Custom web app development (SPA, PWA, DWA)

Custom web app development (SPA, PWA, DWA)

Using React.js, we develop Single Page Applications, Dynamic and Progressive custom web applications that are comfortable for managers as well as for end-users. We always make sure that such applications work fast and are adaptable, delivering the best results for our clients’ businesses.

Frontend Development

Frontend Development

Our team believes that front-end development is all about creating capturing and meaningful experiences for users. With React.JS and this belief in our minds, we provide quality frontend development services to our clients all over the world.

React.js components development

React.js components development

With React, it’s possible to split pages into components that can be reused for other pages of your website. They are easy to customize, so they can be used even for other projects. It is a great option for clients who work on a couple of products with similar functionalities.

Application Migration and Integration

Application Migration and Integration

We help our clients stand out by migrating the projects to modern and popular technologies such as React. Our team can also integrate other technologies or third-party services into products in order to upgrade it.

Technologies used with React:

  • JavaScript

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • SASS

  • LESS

  • jQuery(UI)

  • Redux

  • Bootstrap

  • Foundation

  • Chai