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Node.js Development

Here at IntexSoft, we build scalable high-performance web applications with Node.js. With over 7 years with this technology and top-notch specialists on hand, we are ready to bring your software ideas into life.

Node.js development services

Custom Node.js development

Custom Node.js development

We help clients’ businesses unlock their potential by providing custom platforms, applications, modules, etc. Our solutions designed with Node.js have already powered hundreds of websites and have many satisfied clients across the world.

Data streaming

Data streaming

Our Node.js experts have been developing and supporting data streaming platforms for a long time now. They know how crucial data streaming speed and quality can be. Using Node.js, it is possible to process the HTTP request and get a response as a streamline, this is vital for real-time video and audio processing.

Backend-as-a-service (BaaS)

Backend-as-a-service (BaaS)

The biggest advantage of the service is that it allows clients to concentrate on the crucial stuff, such as designing an appropriate user experience. IntexSoft’s team develops backend for both web-platforms and mobile applications. Using this service is a great opportunity to save on budget and delivery time.

Migration and Application Integration

Migration and Application Integration

We help our clients to follow the latest technology trends and broaden their potential audiences by migrating their products to more modern technologies or from one operating system to another.


  • Express


  • Sequelize

  • Passport

  • Ramda

  • Lodash / Underscore

  • Mongoose

  • ExcelJS

  • Joi