Core stack

Core stack

Our Java experts provide enterprise-oriented services to help companies in their planning and management activities. For such projects, we always ensure that the technology is aligned with the clients’ business goals despite the size and nature of an organization.


Our Android development team empowers the clients in reaching over three billion active users of Android OS-based devices worldwide. From internal corporate apps to the social net-like platforms - we always make it sleek.


IntexSoft PHP team creates secure, scalable and dynamic solutions for the wide range of clients’ needs. Our best technical practices have already aided in 100+ companies’ processes involved.


IntexSoft developers offer industry-specific end-to-end iOS applications development services. With over 7 years in iOS development and 150+ projects in our backpack, we are able to deliver the products with which our clients manage to return their development investments in weeks.


Our JS experts design scalable solutions within various industries. From simple single-page applications to complex enterprise systems consisting of multiple modules. Everything’s done according to the clients’ requirements and tailored to the specific needs of clients’ companies or their end-users.


A lot of big companies such as Uber, Reddit, Medium and Yahoo have already exprienced the possibilities of node.js. We help our clients to realize the potential of their ideas as well by providing scalable applications developed with node.js.

React Native & Flutter

Cross-platform development is fast and the most cost-effective way to release your app to the market. Cross-platform applications developed by the IntexSoft mobile development team provide a user experience that is as good as with native apps.


IntexSoft team develops fast-performing and secure applications using Angular. We transform our clients’ ideas into software with the power of advanced technologies, letting our clients focus solely on their business.


Our web development team has extensive experience in creating cutting-edge web applications. We provide custom web development services using Vue.js for companies of any size and in any industry.


We offer React.js development services as a powerful tool for building custom web applications. It is fast and business-friendly which makes apps more efficient. The source code of the web application, written in React, can be reused for mobile app development, saving a lot of time for our clients.