MVP Solution

Minimal Viable Product or MVP is a version of a new product with minimum functionality that allows us to get end-users’ feedback and behavior with the least effort. Starting with MVP, you will be able to test your idea in action, therefore saving your time and budget.

mvp development

Problems faced

Uncertainty about the idea

Let’s say you came up with a great idea. But you are not sure if this will work. You are afraid that you will make huge investments, but it will not pay off. Thanks to MVP, risks are decreased.

Limited budget

If you have a limited budget, MVP is an excellent solution as it’s not as pricey as a full-fledged product. When MVP is ready, you can demonstrate it to potential investors - the basic version of a product will describe your idea better than any words.

Target audience is not explored

Sometimes it happens that you do not know your target audience as well as you think. You are not familiar with their psychology and user behavior. Analytics tools integrated into your MVP will help you figure out what users do with your product and what they lack. After analyzing this data, it will be easier to plan further strategic moves to raise profits.

What features you get

Having analyzed your business idea, we will determine the most suitable functionality to fulfill it. We can also enhance the future software product with any other additional features over recommended ones if you feel like there is a need.

Who needs the solution

MVP solution is best-suited for any startup; when you have the idea but not sure if this will work. With MVP, you will test it and collect user feedback for further improvements at less expense.

Solution Services

Analysis of business situation and requirements.

Coming up with the solution and compilation of technical requirements.

Dedicated consultant (lead manager that will consult you on all issues concerning your future product and provide reports if needed);

Solution development (this includes web or mobile app design, development, testing as well as integration and deployment stages).

Tools & Technologies

The choice of technologies depends on the functionality you require.

Why it’s better than ready-made product?

Unlike those products, our solution will be tailored to each tiny specifics of your company: size, industry, budgets, internal policies and any other aspects that are critical for you.

Why it’s more beneficial than typical custom development?

We suggest you only those solutions and technologies proved by many years of our experience and success of our long-term clients. Plus, such approach will cut the costs and delivery time.