We are able to provide you with powerful and converting websites that will attract new clients. Websites developed by the IntexSoft team are fast and scalable. They can handle the sharp boosts in visitors (up to 1 million/second), perform up to 100,000 operations/second and still work stable. So, nothing will stop your customers in making another purchase.

ecommerce solutions

Business problems faced

Complex payment process and inconvenient payment methods

Complex payment process and inconvenient payment methods

Often customers who were ready to buy something can leave your online store just because they have some difficulties during the payment process. For example, a payment method convenient for a buyer is not supported in the store, or information processing takes too much time, etc. Our team, having about 10 years of experience in e-commerce development, already knows how to solve those issues.

Data protection issues

Data protection issues

There are lots of cases when large retailers or even banks cannot protect their clients' data well enough, as a result this data can be used for various unpredictable purposes. Due to its unique architecture, our turnkey web solutions provide maximum security for your database, preventing the leakage of important information.

Lack of customer feedback

Lack of customer feedback

Having their sales decreased, sellers often have difficulty identifying causes. Customized feedback block integrated into your store will solve this problem easily.

What features you get

Having analyzed the problems and needs of your business, we will determine the most suitable functionality for solving them. On client’s request, we can enhance the software product with any other additional features over recommended ones.

Who needs the solution

Such solution is best-suited for companies selling products for any industry and want to have their own marketplace or significantly improve the existing one.

Solution Services

Analysis of business situation and requirements.

Coming up with the solution and compilation of technical requirements.

Dedicated consultant (lead manager that will consult you on all issues concerning your future product and provide reports if needed);

Solution development (this includes web or mobile app design, development, testing as well as integration and deployment stages).

Tools and Technologies

As a base for your future web store we use Magento, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. The choice of other technologies depends on functionality you require.

Why it’s better than ready-made product?

Unlike those products, our solution will be tailored to each tiny specifics of your company: size, industry, budgets, internal policies and any other aspects that are critical for you.

Why it’s more beneficial than typical custom development?

We suggest you only those solutions and technologies proved by many years of our experience and success of our long-term clients. Plus, such approach will cut the costs and delivery time.