CRM Solutions

We help our clients to improve relationship with their actual and potential customers by improving and customizing already existing CRM systems. Such approach ensures faster delivery of necessary solution, yet providing the best system’s quality and significantly cuts development costs.

Business problems faced

Loss of clients

Poorly organized client base is one of the key reasons here. Often, the data can be stored chaotically, in different places, some of the information can be lost, long-term clients may become forgotten. This can dramatically reduce the level of customer loyalty. Our solution can prevent such unpleasant situation. We will configure the system the way you want to store your information.

You have to keep a lot of staff in your mind

Remember about all the upcoming calls, meetings, mailings. Our solution can notify you of all planned activities related to potential and current customers, in any convenient way: by email, or pop-up notifications on your working device: whether it’s a smartphone or PC.

Tons of paperwork

You no longer need to process and analyze huge volumes of documentation manually. CRM solution developed by IntexSoft can automatically generate reports for a specified period based on previously collected data.

What features you get

We will carefully analyze the problems and needs of your business to chose the most suitable functionality for solving them. On client’s demand, we can empower the future software product with any other additional features over recommended ones.

Who needs the solution

Such solution is highly recommended for companies selling products and providing services. This will suit businesses of any size and industry.

Solution Services

Analysis of business situation and requirements.

Coming up with the solution and compilation of technical requirements.

Dedicated consultant (lead manager that will consult you on all issues concerning your future product and provide reports if needed);

Solution development (this includes web or mobile app design, development, testing as well as integration and deployment stages).

Tools and Technologies

The choice of technologies depends on functionality you require.

Why it’s better than ready-made product?

Unlike those products, our solution will be tailored to each tiny specifics of your company: size, industry, budgets, internal policies and any other aspects that are critical for you.

Why it’s more beneficial than typical custom development?

We suggest you only those solutions and technologies proved by many years of our experience and success of our long-term clients. Plus, such approach will cut the costs and delivery time.