Software Solutions

What is a solution developed by IntexSoft?

Solution by IntexSoft is a magic pill for your business. This is not a ready-made product - this is a custom software that we will design specially for you after the deep analysis of your business issues and processes. Based on the collected information we will figure out the true reasons for those issues and develop a product to solve them.

Software Solution

Why it’s more beneficial than typical custom development?

We suggest you only those solutions and technologies proved by many years of our experience and success of our long-term clients. Plus, such approach will cut the costs and delivery time.

Why it’s better than ready-made product?

Unlike those products, our solution will be tailored to each tiny specifics of your company: size, industry, budgets, internal policies and any other aspects that are critical for you.

Domain Expertise

data management

Build effective workflows with your new full-fledged data management system.

Solution Services

Analysis of business processes

That is the business analysis stage when our specialists dive into your business processes and carefully research the specifics of your company in order to understand and to find the best solutions for workflow optimization and automation.

Coming up with the solution and compilation of requirements

The first thing a development team needs when they first start a brand-new software project is some idea of what needs to be done. Using special techniques, we combine technical requirements and other necessary documentation to make sure that in the end you get exactly what you required.

Dedicated Consultant

We will assign a lead expert so you always have someone to ask questions concerning your product and report on development progress.

Product development

This is an actual development process of your future product. It includes web or mobile app design, development, testing as well as integration and deployment stages.

Tech Support

On client’s request we can agree on the post-production support of the product developed. This service includes testing and bug-fixing.