DevOps Services

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DevOps Services

IntexSoft is quite experienced in DevOps services. Our team offers you solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business. The core advantages of DevOps services are faster time-to-market, higher quality of your product, efficiency and productivity improvements.

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Our Devops Services

DevOps consulting


IntexSoft DevOps specialists consult clients at any stage of development process: from building automation strategy and technology selection to continuous improvement and transformation.

Configuration management

Configuration management

Building and maintaining large-scale modern systems can be a resource-intensive and can lead to increased risk due to manual error. With the IntexSoft service of configuration management our clients easily prevent that issue.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

IaaS is one of the servicing models in cloud computing, according to which fundamental information technology resources are provided to customers on a subscription basis.

Infrastructure Monitoring / Management / Automation

Infrastructure Monitoring / Management / Automation

Besides the providing of infrastructure, our DevOps specialists are also able to perform continuous monitoring, management, and automation of resources.


Platform-as-a-Service (Paas)

PaaS service means ready-to-use programming tools and components that allow our customers to implement new capabilities into their platforms and applications using innovative technologies.

SaaS Integration

SaaS Integration

Following a particular strategy, the IntexSoft team of DevOps is able to integrate SaaS applications into the customers’ systems, while ensuring a minimum of bugs and higher security level.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI & CD)

By performing this service we aid in the code integration of customers’ platforms and also provide daily reports. It makes the process of pushing new features and new versions of a product much faster and safer.

Our DevOps Approach

  • Higher efficiency of the code and fast deployments

  • Proactive services tailored to your business needs

  • Full transparency and visibility

  • Constant improvements delivery

DevOps Tools

Our team is proficient in a range of tools and technologies. We are flexible enough to master and to use any tools that you require for your project in a short period of time.

RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle SQL Server, MSSQL

NoSQL: MongoDB

CI: Jenkins

CM: Ansible

Containers: Docker, LXC

Cloud: AWS, MS Azure

Scripting: shell, Perl, Python, Ruby

SCM: Git, Subversion

SCQ: SonarQube

Monitoring: Nagios, Munin, Zabbix

Build: Maven, Ant

AppServer: Tomcat, MS IIS

WebServer: nginx, apache