intexsoft team

Dedicated Software Development Team

Will make your software work on lower budgets

Dedicated Team is a business model where a client and IntexSoft agree on the workload and requirements for a project for a certain amount of time. In turn, our company provides IT specialists that meet the client requirements. In this case, our specialists concentrate only on the projects of this particular client. A project can be managed by our specialist as well as by client’s managers.

One of the main benefits of this approach is that it saves the customer money, time and labor because there will be no need for:

  • Spending time and budget on recruiting a team.

  • Office supply expenses.

  • Taxes.

  • Training of new employees.

  • Unexpected leaves and holidays.

Usually, a dedicated team consists of several front-end and back-end developers, as well as software testers. However, the team can be expanded if your project requires more expertise or specialists.

Available specialists

  • Front-end developers.

  • Back-end developers.

  • Mobile developers.

  • Enterprise systems developers.

  • QA specialists.

  • Business analysts.