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IT Consulting Services

Providing insight into everything concerning software

With our IT consulting services, our clients are able to evaluate various technological strategies and align them with their individual business processes. We support your IT initiatives with architectural and operational planning and implementation of your software. By putting our heads together, we will find the right technological solutions and build a software development strategy to jump start your business’ productivity.

Our IT consulting services

Analysis of a client’s technical requirements

The first strategic step before developing software is gathering, analyzing and clarifying a client’s technical requirements. This is a total must-do stage for the success of any product. Here we need to make sure that in the end the client gets exactly what they need.

Estimation of time and cost

When it comes to software, understanding the duration and cost are crucial to making strategic business decisions. No matter whether the client is about to launch a startup, entering a new business opportunity, or enabling the business to perform better. IntexSoft’s consulting team understands clearly what is needed and is able to provide our clients with quick and precise project estimation.

Description of business requirements

Our specialists also help clients collect and document the business requirements necessary for the software they want to develop. This includes the characteristics of the proposed system from the viewpoint of the system end-user.

Warranty consulting service

After the product’s release, we stand by our clients and provide technical support to throughout the warranty period. If there are any bugs in the system, we will help diagnose and detect where the issue has occurred and whether the warranty covers this case. If necessary, our specialists will work to fix the bugs in the system.

Post-warranty consulting service

Our specialists provide support in accordance with our post-warranty service. Upon a client’s request, we can create a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) that specifies all the terms and conditions of post-warranty service. This signed commitment includes a timeframe for eliminating bugs identified in the software, the classification of bugs, consulting, testing and a review of the product.

Who consults you

  • Presale consultants

  • Business analysts

  • Technical and R&D specialists

Communication tools

Our specialists are always ready to speak with you through the means of communication convenient to you – phone, email, or Skype. We are open to personal meetings, be it a your office or ours.