Online Store



The company recruited IntexSoft to develop a full-fledged online store that allows the company’s clients to order a tuk-tuk online with home delivery. The specifics of this project is that our specialists needed to develop an online tuk-tuk constructor, with which users could design motorcycles to suit their style and send a request direct to the factory.


The IntexSoft team suggested Symfony framework to be used as the main development tool for the project. As the technology best suited the client's tasks and allowed to fulfill all the requirements for their online store.

Our developers additionally recommended using the SonataAdminBundle tool, with the help of which we were able to quickly create a configurable interface for editing entities of the ORM-model. Also, we had a ready-made version of website administration panel, which was very convenient for our client as they were able to upload images, easily edit the content and view orders.

One of the most exciting challenges within the project was to develop an online tuk-tuk constructor. The client provided our team with PSD files containing images of motorcycle spare parts, and the developers, having implemented a separate algorithm, were able to use these files to generate parts for the constructor.

Thanks to the constructor, the company’s clients can set the type, size and color of the tuk-tuk spare parts and see an image of their final order. It also automatically calculates the cost of the motorcycle.

When working on the online constructor, our specialists created a configurator for completing a motorcycle that gave our client the opportunity to independently manage the backend of the platform.

IntexSoft developers implemented integration with the cloud service Exact Online, configured authorization via Facebook, added Google Analytics and a MailChimp signup form to the website.

Our team took the following measures to ensure security on the project:

  • HTTPS protocols and encryption are used at all stages of interaction with the program.
  • An external payment system is used to pay for the order.
  • The system of sharing access rights was introduced.
  • Automatic protection against SQL injections using the Doctrine projector.

Team Composition

Business analyst

Project manager

3 full-stack developers

UI/UX designer

QA Engineer

Transparency & Methodology

During the development process, the IntexSoft team used an iterative approach. Our team’s project manager arranged calls with the client several times a week. There we discussed further plans for the development of the online store.

To ensure complete transparency, our developers created a test server, where all updates were uploaded. With this, the client could check the tasks performed and adjust the work.

As a result, our client received not just a well-functioning online store, but also a powerful online tut-tuk constructor. Thanks to the development of this project, the company has achieved the following results:

  • increase in sales by 77%.
  • growth in new customers by 43%.
  • increase in website visitors by 150%.

Key Features

For a user

  • Signing in to the website.
  • Authentication via Facebook.
  • Overview of tuk-tuk models.
  • The ability to construct the tuk-tuk you want and see how it looks.
  • Tuk-tuk cost calculation, based on the selected parts.
  • Payment for the order within the website.

For the services:

  • User-friendly website design.
  • Tuk-tuk online constructor.
  • The spare parts images generator with variety of colors.
  • Configurator of a complete set of tuk-tuk.
  • Dynamic shopping cart.
  • Synchronization with the service .


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