intexsoft team

The application for contractors recruitment

The application selects a suitable contractor under each order. The system admits a request for products manufacturing, services rendering from the end customer. Company employees fill or create a suitable order pattern according to certain parameters (product description, quantity, colors, etc.). From there, the complete task is created with all requirements for contractors. The employee gains access to the previously created patterns archive and reduces time for tasks settings and work scope displacement. The application immediately sends requests potential contractors. The employee receives response commercial proposals from suppliers and selects appropriate one. After order performing the task in the application is closed.

Key features:

  • Order receipt from the end customer (unstructured data);
  • tasks formulation with detailed requirements;
  • creation of task patterns database;
  • tasks send to potential contractors;
  • proposals receipt from suppliers;
  • suitable supplier selection.

Key technologies:

Java, Apache Wicket, Mongo DB, Mule ESB, Tomcat, JavaScript, HTML, Spring Framework, Maven.