intexsoft team

Sunny steps

Mobile application "Sunny steps" was designed special for children, parents and teachers to organize interesting and effective teaching process. Adults choose a difficulty mode of task, considering the age and individual characteristics of a child. The application fixes child progress after performing task and analyzes mistakes. Adults may review all committed errors. The application recommends to purchase new digital exercisebooks and offers the child to perform the task one more time. In such a way, adults may coordinate the work of the child.

Key features:

  • Personnal account creation for a teacher;
  • opportunity to buy and download new digital exercisebooks (there are free and paid exercisebooks);
  • children profiles creation with avatar loading;
  • difficulty mode selection of a task for every child;
  • task performance (for a child). Task types: colour the items, join the lines, drag the items, spot the differences.
  • Certificate for successfully performed tasks.

Key technologies:

Android SDK, Symfony2.