intexsoft team

Photo preparation for catalog

IntexSoft team designed a software solution for images preparation in print media. The system simplyfies team work organization within specific processes, synchronous transmits results of one work stage to subsequent, fixes the progress status at each stage. In addition, employees may discuss work interim results on online briefings. Employees may get in process at any stage, review the image for compliance with the order, provide notes and feedback. Innovative Photoshop Plug-In greatly simplifies retouchers work and reduce demands on the level of competence.

Key features:

  • Integral workflow;
  • tasks creation for employees;
  • fixing of tasks progress status;
  • online briefing;
  • photo sharing in the opening spread;
  • ready spreads preview;
  • catalog editing preparation.

Key technologies:

Hibernate, Spring, Java, HTML, JS Flex, Ant, Oracle10.