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The product is a large-scale, multifunctional web application that allows user to quickly find a doctor of any specialization, make an appointment or get an online consultation.

Key Tasks & Solution

When working on the project IntexSoft specialists faced the following tasks.

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Partner Location Block

This block helps to quickly find the doctor you need: the user goes to the page, selects a specific state, region and gets the locations of the partner doctors on the map with all the necessary additional information; here users can make an appointment, or contact a specialist for an online consultation. To implement the feature, we used Google Maps.

We also developed a special React component, which allows us to filter locations and display only those regions where partner doctors are available.

COVID-19 Section

This special section was urgently created upon the client’s request. There they publish the most relevant information for partners and patients. By following the link from the pop-up, the patient can also make an appointment or request an online consultation.


One of the most important tasks of the project was to adapt the application for people with visual impairments. For this task, on all pages, we used HTML Accessibility, which allows users to listen and navigate the content of the app. Voicing is carried out via screen readers - VoiceOver for macOS and iOS, TalkBack for Android, and NV Access for Windows.

Language Choice

Another important task was setting up a localization. For this, our experts developed a special React component, which allows users to switch between different languages (10 languages).

Navigation and Caching

The application has a rather complex menu, which could slow down the page loading. Based on client requirements, our developers created HTML documents with menu item titles and the necessary data, and then these documents were added to the project. When you visit the site for the first time, the menu is loaded and cached, this speeds up the work of application.

The app also contains many other static elements. Not to overload the servers, different levels of caching are used there. The first level is performed via Symfony, which acts as a link for the frontend and Drupal, and when the page is fully formed - everything is cached via Varnish.



The team faced the task of adapting the application interface to the main types of modern devices - computers, tablets and smartphones. In this regard, client’s designers created a separate design for each type of device. To implement this, our specialists used a grid-based layout system. Thus, depending on the device screen parameters, the application interface is displayed in the desired size.

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Team Composition

All specialists involved from the IntexSoft side throughout the project:

2 full-stack developers

2 Backend Developers

QA Engineer

Methodology & Transparency

During the project development, we followed the Scrum methodology, with two-week sprints. Every 2 weeks the development team arranged general online meetings to evaluate and distribute the tasks for the next sprint. Also, every morning our team got in touch with the client and provided reports on the work performed.



As a result, the client received a multifunctional web application, which greatly simplifies the process of finding a necessary medical professional for end users.

Key Features

  • Search for a doctor by region / competence;
  • making an appointment or an online consultation;
  • language choice (10 languages);
  • accessibility for people with visual impairments;
  • sections with useful information for patients and doctors;
  • responsiveness for the main types of modern devices.
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