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w&co turned to IntexSoft with a request to develop a mobile app for their client’s online store. The client is a large retailer selling clothes and shoes made from eco materials. The company has a retail stores network and large online store in Germany.



IntexSoft specialists developed a mobile app for both platforms - iOS and Android. Working with the backend, our developers synchronised the app with XML-system and loaded all the information (cost, balances, size, color, style) in the app. We configured the app such that the buyer could pay in one click. After clicking the order button, the system automatically transfers the user to a web application where the shopping cart is formed in the backend. After entering payment details, the user is redirected to the mobile app. On client's suggestion, we simultaneously developed a product - a mobile e-Stores constructor. Its main function is the ability to customize the UI of the mobile application via the backend settings. As a result, a user can change all the data (logo, images, text, menus, etc.) and apply the solution developed for the eShop when creating new mobile e-commerce apps with much lower budgets. At all stages of interaction with the program, HTTPS protocols and modern authentication techniques are used.

TravelBag boots

Methodology & Transparency

During the development, the IntexSoft team used an iterative approach. In parallel with the fulfillment of tasks, we analyzed the results and changed the workflow if deemed necessary. We also provided the client with access to the project management system.

Communication was carried out between project managers by IntexSoft and by the client. They organized weekly calls, where all the current issues on the project were discussed.

Team Composition

A dedicated team of specialists was put together to work on the project. The team consisted of:

Business Analyst

Project manager

2 full-stack developers

iOS developer

Android developer

QA specialist


Key features

    The backend provides:

  • Managing product catalogs.
  • Editing of all types of content (video, images, text) for all channels (Android / iOS, website) for a specific product.
  • Scheduling the content posting.
  • Managing the catalog content for different countries.
  • The mobile application configuration of user interface.
  • Managing push notifications.

    The frontend provides:

  • Catalogs display - tiled and full screen page views in, a separate menu for selecting the catalog version.
  • Selecting and searching for products - search filters.
  • Division of goods into categories and subcategories.
  • Displaying product information: image, name, product number, price, availability, delivery terms, brand, size and color.
  • Favorites list.
  • Ordering and making purchases - displaying of all the ordered goods, the total amount and number of purchases.
  • Blog / Support / Related Info.


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