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Language guide standalone

Language Guide Standalone (LGS2) - Web-application designed to simplify the communication among participants in translation process and automate document preparation for printing. Into LGS2 loaded file for translation, which operate online translators and correctors. The process is under controll of customerĀ“s administrator. Application performance needs minimal manual labor and additional software, e.g. for paper work the user just set up the address in the browser. LGS2 converts also documents in the most popular and convenient formats. Output application creates *. Id or *. PDF files for printing. When the traslation is accomplished, the system generates a new document. Additional application feature is the possibility to comment the translation, assign it a status, reflect working progress.

Key features:

  • Document edit. The application edits the document in multi-user mode with comments and new issues.
  • Issue state displaying. It provides editors and observers with access to a certain project, create issues for particular users.
  • Format conversion. The application converts output document into appropriate format and ready to print.

Key technologies:

Java, Flex, JS, SQL, Objective C, Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Spring Framework, BlazeDS, Tomcat, Axis, Hibernate, JPA, Oracle.