intexsoft team

Intexsoft publishing

IntexSoft Publishing - application for preparation and manufacturing of print and digital photo products. The user creates photobooks in various formats and designs, brochures, calendars, etc.

The application allows to:

  • Impose photo book, album, etc. (functions "desktop editor" and "online editor");
  • download created product in user's account;
  • buy a gift certificate;
  • participate in loyalty programs;
  • pay for printing services.

Application owner:

  • Sets the order value;
  • receives payment information and notification;
  • starts production printing;
  • decomposes book on printed sheets;
  • monitors orders quantity with module "warehouse";
  • generates reports for accounting;
  • generates orders reports;
  • prepares necessary documentation for product shipping to the customer;
  • identifies completed order by bar-code;
  • connects external delivery services of finished products.

Key features:

  • Online creation and order of photo products;
  • layout settings of photo products with patterns;
  • automatic product cost calculation;
  • product cost configuration under given parameters;
  • manufacturing order and product delivery out of personal account;
  • order status tracking;
  • automatic imposition;
  • records and documentation generation for accounting.

Key technologies:

Java, Wicket, GWT, Oracle/Hibernate, JBoss ESB, central application bus, JBoss jBPM.