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The client decided to create a mobile app to boost online store sales. So they recruited IntexSoft to perform mobile shop where instead of the basic product list, there would be a virtual model on which users can try on clothes, pick up outfits and make a purchase with the online store.


To achieve smoothness and speed, our specialists used not only the standard iOS components but also created their own.

IntexSoft was tasked with configuring the app in offline mode. We saved all the images in a file system so that they could load into the app at the first launch. With this approach, the online store works smoothly in offline mode as well. Access to the Internet is only needed for app update or to download new details about the products.

We needed to implement a special technical solution in order to correctly place images.

The product description contains images for:

  • displaying the product in the product list;
  • virtual demos;
  • overview of the product details.

Our developers customized image placement taking into account the fact that the app will be run on devices with different screen resolutions. To this end, we developed algorithms that allowed each photo to be placed in the right position.

Another task was to process the levels of overlaying images on the model. In the app, the goods were divided into three types: Upper garments; Lower garments; Footwear. To adjust the correct photo overlay, we projected 2D image coordinates along the X, Y and Z axes.

We also configured the app such that the buyer could pay in one click. After clicking the order button, the system automatically transfers the user to a web application where the shopping cart is formed in the backend. After entering his payment details, the user is redirected to the mobile app.

imgOne imgTwo up imgThree foliage


The IntexSoft team applied an iterative approach. As we executed our tasks, we simultaneously analyzed the results and varied the working process.


Team Composition

A dedicated team of specialists worked on the project.

Project manager

Business Analysis

3 iOS developers

QA specialist

mobile mobile

Key features

  • The user can try on clothes via a virtual model.
  • Automatic cost calculation and one-click payment.
  • Product description, including information on availability.
  • Color rendering of information on products (green - available, yellow - limited, red - not available).
  • The user can share a photo of the model with a chosen outfit on Facebook or via email.


  • 21% increase in online sales;
  • 14% growth in new customers;
  • one-month payback period for investments in the app;
  • increased customer loyalty.


Swift UIKit CoreData Alamofire Fabric Facebook-SDK
mobile mobile