Customer Relationship Management


The goal of the project was to find a customized, non-cloud solution to store and process the information about customers and current transactions.


The client had no need to develop the system from scratch, so the IntexSoft team suggested to use the ready-made open source SuiteCRM solution and tailored it to the needs of the company.

In order to correspond to client’s business needs we added the following features:


As a result, client’s company got a customized multi-functional non-cloud CRM system that can store and process large amounts of data and files of various formats, which significantly optimizes the work of the sales department.

Key Features

The end-system has a following functionality:

  • Database of contacts and clients (accounts);
  • Database of contracts and other documents accompanying the transaction;
  • Order status tracking;
  • Ability to create/edit/delete contact information and accounts;
  • Ability to attach files of various formats;
  • Automatic reporting on collected contacts for a period set by a user;
  • Quick access to recently viewed contacts and accounts;
  • Integration with other tools used by the sales department;
  • Schedule of upcoming calls, events, and other activities.


Java SpringBoot Vue npm Gradle