intexsoft team

Print on demand backoffice

IntexSoft team has developed for Stiloprint custom solution that optimizes photoproducts manufacturing. The application imposes layouts for photo books, photo catalogs, photo albums, calendars and brochures. The user develops a unique design without standard design software skills. When the project creation is completed, the user sends it to print or orders product manufacturing in the printing office Stiloprint including delivery.

Key features:

  • Application operation briefing. Step-by-step instructions for application operation.
  • Layout settings. Finished background makets and pictures, free distortion and picture or text layout with aditing facilities. Model export in pdf-format.
  • Calculator. Product price calculation with a discount and design details.
  • Payment and delivery. Goods delivery to the noticed address, different payment methods.

Key technologies:

Java, Wicket, GWT, Oracle/Hibernate, JBoss ESB, JBoss jBPM.