Logistics Software Development

E-Commerce Software Development

IntexSoft has been working in the logistics industry since 2007. During these years, we successfully completed over 10 web and mobile products for logistics companies. Those applications have already helped our clients to significantly reduce logistics expenses by automating and optimizing some of their business processes.

Process timeline
Analysis of requirements Technical documentation Design basic prototype Development Testing Support

What do we offer

workflow management systems

Workflow management systems

Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) aid in modeling, implementing, monitoring and optimizing the management processes of a company. This improves efficiency via workflow automation and is especially necessary for larger companies.

Time tracking mobile apps

Time tracking mobile apps

These types of apps are especially useful for truckers. Such applications, developed by our specialists, are able to track and record the working time in transit and idle time. With our solutions, a driver is able to avoid large penalties by adhering to working and resting regime requirements. The app also allows a supervisor to keep a close eye on the employees’ workflow and time spent working.

GPS monitoring platforms

GPS monitoring platforms

We develop GPS apps and features that monitor the distance traveled and the compliance with the set route. These applications also enable truckers and deliverymen to monitor and control the speed modes. In addition, through a GPS monitoring app, a user can count and predict fuel consumption. The app is able to take odometer and speedometer measurements and can measure engine RPM and temperature, determine the fuel level in the tank, etc.

oms development

Advanced features implementation

With such features as camera-based barcode scanning, fuel consumption analysis, cargo door open sensors, and more, your company can cut expenses and prevent from unexpected situations. Our notification solutions within an app are a must-have for any logistics company. With them, a driver is able to receive a message, while on-route and with a low Internet connection.