We perform various solutions for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Our eCommerce platforms are easy to use and to manage. We are able to migrate the client’s products to the latest CMS platforms, develop and integrate a variety of plug-ins or design a brand new system from scratch.


The IntexSoft team develops printing and Web2Print solutions that aid material preparation, publishing, and printing by automating and optimizing management processes. With our web and mobile printing solutions our customers are able to save a lot of time and money by preventing human factor errors.


We are able to perform a complete spectrum of logistics solutions: from tracking mobile apps for truckers up to high-loaded workflow management systems that can aid modeling, implementing, and monitoring the management processes of a company.


Our custom software solutions for marketing help our clients to establish, plan, and monitor the marketing workflows within one system. On demand, we also implement modules that can track, and manage marketing budgets, and ROI.


HR solutions developed by IntexSoft specialists have already helped our clients to optimize the processes of recruiting, time tracking, etc. Our custom web and mobile HR platforms also aid the managing of cooperation between departments to make sure that the process of onboarding goes smoothly for both employees and their supervisors.


We help to ease our clients’ retail routines by developing desktop systems and mobile platforms that are able to track the remains in stock and manage the supply of goods. Our barcode scanner apps, customer service chatbots, and cash register apps are aimed at improvement of customer experience and saving sales assistants precious time.