The Internet of Things has Been Extended, or "Ok Barmen"

Sunday, 06 December 2015 11:17

The Internet of things is daily updated with a variety of new products. Undoubtedly, the important feature of the Internet of Things is that it is formed today, right now, opening up infinite possibilities for tehnocreativity. Many people have not had time to get used to multicooker, which prepares according to timetable, and its developers have presented us a surprise as a kitchen management tool accomplishing the kitchen control through the mobile application.

Inspired by such know-how, we developed another machine that is already today good completed our previous invention - kicker.

Now at any party, our development allows us to forget about the "googling for the composition and proportion of cocktails", because our developers are already taken care of everything. With MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js and JQuery our specialists (master of Engineering and Project Evangelist Vova Semashko, Chief Angular-guru Vadim, UX&Desing group in the face of irresistable Nastya, Katya and Tanya, as well as Senior PM Andrew who had bravely performed all brazing works) made over several pumps, transistors and Arduino microcontroller into a real bar with a real robot barman.

Choose what you like shot or filling cocktail and go ahead! The robot will mix the ingredients into the legendary cocktails like a professional barman, and you should just take your drink and enjoy. The only difference from the alive barman - the robot won´t spin a yarn, but the sky is the limit and we will certainly perfect our invention. In the nearest future we plan to extend the capabilities of the interaction with the robobar interface to such perks as voice control "Ok Barmen" and motion capture.

Rephrasing a well-known character: "We will build our own amusement park with Arduino and cool stuff."


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