Tech trends for 2020

Software development industry is complex and dynamic. Year after year, we watch new technologies, services, platforms and tools. 2019 was the year of microservices, cloud migration, augmented reality boom & neural networks.
Tech trends for 2020

Software development industry is complex and dynamic. Year after year, we watch new technologies, services, platforms, and tools. 2019 was the year of microservices, cloud migration, augmented reality boom & neural networks.

Tech trends 2020

2020 is here. So let’s look into some software development trends waiting for us this year.

5G network

5G Technology was the talk of 2019. It should enter the market by the end of 2020 and to be the driving force of wireless technology. The enhanced characteristics of 5G will allow the developers to create more robust apps, with new functionalities, especially the ones that deal with video and augmented reality. 5G is about to revolutionize the IoT with its 20 Gbps, which means high-speed wireless connectivity, greater bandwidth, and lower latency.

More demand for the IoT

The total installed base of IoT connected devices is about to take a huge step forward in 2020. This technology has already reached people’s homes but has not reached its limits. There are currently about 26 billion connected devices in the world and that number will surely be increasing year after year. IoT’s importance lies in the technologies that contain advanced analytics, 5G, sensor tech, and edge computing.

AI-Driven Software Development

AI-based software is not a new thing. But, thanks to its popularity and the breakneck speed of spreading, it will take a stable position in 2020. According to recent research made by Tractica, the growth of the global AI software market should get to the amount of $126 billion by 2025. From the widespread chatbots to perspective analytic solutions, AI and machine learning will be featured in more and more products throughout most industries. With improved technology, more AI applications will be available to help companies earn more money, especially in the areas of marketing, analytics, customer service, and robotics.


While AR is being used for training purposes, VR has found its way in the gaming and video industry. Immersive technologies are bound to reach new market heights and it makes sense to use it for business growth.

Statista has predicted the immersive technologies global market to reach 209.2 billion dollars by 2022.

Tech trends 2020

Distributed cloud

Distributed cloud refers to the distribution of cloud services by public cloud providers to different geographical locations outside physical data centers. The core advantage of the distributed cloud is that it helps to lower latency and to ensure compliance with data-location related regulations. The distributed cloud data centres also help to support the rapid expansion of IoT and edge computing.

It is expected that by 2025, 75% of the enterprise-generated data will be processed regardless of the centralized data center. This technology is going to become a significant breakthrough in the cloud infrastructure of 2020.

Edge computing

Edge computing offers an approach, which means moving the information processing away from the centralized data center and locating it closer to the end user or closer to the edge. The idea of edge computing is to keep traffic local and distributed to reduce latency.

Since the edge computing is being fueled by the rapid evolution of the IoT, we can forecast its explosive growth within the next decade. According to Statista forecasts, edge computing global market will rise by approximately 28 times between 2018 to 2025.


Following the ongoing software trend, by 2020, the need to use cybersecurity for the safety of applications and software will increase significantly. This can only be done by hiring developers who can design custom applications and software for your business.

Low-code development

Low-code development is building software or an app with the use of graphical user interfaces without coding. It gives faster deployment, helps to cut down on costs and сovers the lack of UX resources. Gartner forecasts that low-code platforms will be used in more than 65% of software development projects by 2024.

Tech trends 2020

Progressive Web Apps

PWA is a type of a website that is like a native mobile app although it runs in the browser. PWAs seems to be a perfect solution for both businesses and visitors. 93% of Gartner’s survey respondents want to have PWAs developed by the end of 2020. It all points to 2020 as being the year where we start to say goodbye to mobile sites in favor of progressive web apps.


The software technologies world is evolving drastically and there is no doubt it will grow further and with greater force. Since software technologies help to contribute to business effectiveness and get benefits, it would be a wise solution to look into the tech trends and choose the best solution to achieve your business goals.

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