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Wednesday, 01 August 2018 10:51

4 mobile features to make your e-commerce app unique.

More and more companies and online retailers are not just standing still developing mobile versions of their websites but develop full-fledged applications. The functionality of these apps goes well beyond what a mobile browser can offer. Blogger Linda Bastos from GetElastic , selected several interesting e-commerce applications for mobile devices. Each of them is a solid example from which there is something to learn for the development of an online store.

Inspired by her article, we edited the list a tad bit, and now present you an overview of the mobile e-commerce application features that will really knock the socks off your potential buyers.


1. Using the technical capabilities of mobile devices

In the previous article we talked about the benefits of integrating your mobile application with the GPS data of the mobile device. This is yet another interesting function that can be implemented within this solution. The Crutchfield e-store has developed a tool for estimating the cost of delivery, which uses the GPS device data. This tool is also available on the mobile website of the store, thanks to the capabilities of HTML5.

Screenshot from Crutchfield mobile app (see on )

2. Just shake it!

The online bookstore Alibris and the wine department of Tesco supermarket use the "shake" feature of iPhones in their mobile apps. The result of these “shake-ups” is a random recommendation of books to read or wine to drink.

3. Shot, search, buy

Amazon Remembers is the app with which a user can find the product, having only a snapshot. Match search is made through an extensive database of the Amazon online store.

Molly Hurwitz and Kim Kardashian created a similar mobile app ScreenShop, with which anyone can replicate celebrities' outfits. Just take a screenshot - and the mobile app will provide you with the most interesting offers from the clothing stores.

Screenshots from Screenshop mobile app (see on Google Play / App Store )

In Office Depot visitors make purchases standing right in line: just scan the barcodes with a camera, and the product is already in the bill. Walgreens, a large pharmacy chain, uses the same method for prescription drugs.

4. Augmented Reality

Picture this: you walk down the street, direct your gadget to the surrounding houses, and you see on the screen offers for the sale that people living in these houses have posted on the network. Some wild far flung dream? Nope. eBay has already implemented this feature:

Screenshot from the eBay mobile app (see on Google Play / App Store )

If you want to see how any item from a store fits into your apartment, apps by Overstockart and already allow "trying on" their products:

Screenshot from mobile app (see on Google Play / App Store )

Do you have some crazy and out-there ideas regarding the functionality of e-commerce mobile apps? Share your thoughts in the comment section below the article, and maybe we will bring your ideas to life together.