3D Holographic Phone Calls and Mind Reading Phones

Saturday, 08 March 2014 13:34

Engineers at IBM are real optimists in the development of technique. Recently they published results of an annual survey of three thousand scientists and researchers from IBM, what major breakthroughs they see in the next five years. IBM predicts e.g. the appearance of 3-D holographic phone calls and server heating systems by 2015. Are you ready for this?

Here are the directions chosen by IBM scientists in 2011-2015 (in descending order of importance).

  • Holographic projections 3D mobile phones. Your mobile phone will project a holographic image of anyone who calls.
  • Batteries, rechargeable from the air, as well as the kinetic energy (shaking, walking, etc.). Batteries will also last 10 times longer than today.
  • Computer systems predicting traffic jams. Computer programs will use real-time information about traffic and roads to define which roads will have holdups, and how to avoid getting stuck.
  • Gathering information about the environment through sensors in mobile phones and cars.
  • Recycling the energy generated by computers and data centers. The heat produced by data centers will warm houses and offices.

You would probably say such technologies are just imagination. But the financial capabilities of IBM can fully translate them into reality. Agree that every fantasy has a certain dollar value, and over the past year IBM has invested in research and software development about $ 5.8 billion. Moreover, many of the predictions are based on projects that IBM already has in the development.

Actually, the predictions are an annual tradition for IBM. Let’s take a look at the first list of predictions «Five innovations that will change the way we live over the next five years», compiled at the end of 2006. The researchers supposed, by 2011:

  • We will be able to access healthcare remotely, from just about anywhere in the world.
  • Real-time speech translation – once a vision only in science fiction – will become the norm.
  • There will be a 3-D Internet.
  • Technologies the size of a few atoms will address areas of environmental importance.
  • Our mobile phones will start to read our minds.

This year is the best time for analyzing these predictions. You can see that many of them haven’t happened yet. But “the nice thing about the list is that it provokes thought,” said Paul Saffo, managing director of foresight at the investment-advisory firm Discern in San Francisco. “If everything came true, they wouldn’t be doing their job.”

Generally, four of the five technologies selected by IBM this year, are associated with mobile technologies.

What are your thoughts on this technological optimism? Do you believe at 3D-phone calls? And what kind of a technical breakthrough do you dreaming about? As for me, I would especially like the teleportation.


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