Iad: Change Your Notion About Advertising

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:50

Recently I was working with a free application on my Android phone and tapped accidentally on an add picture at the bottom of the display. The application closed immediately and I was moved to my web-browser to see more ads. That’s why I thought: how can ads become less annoying and more convenient and effective? After some web searching I realized that I was not the first: some mobile apps developmentcompanies have already cared about this problem. There is a quite elegant and interesting solution - but for iOS and not for Android. So, let me introduce iAd by Appleto you – a smart way to make an ad entertaining and very profitable.

iAd is a mobile advertising platform developed by Apple Inc. for its iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad line of mobile devices allowing developers to embed advertisements directly into their applications.

At the system level, iAd is one of the framework firmware, which can be used by any programmer to integrate ads into his applications. Open source technologies - HTML, CSS and JavaScript can be used for creating an advertisement. Thanks to this approach created ads have two characteristics: interactivity and emotional component.

As the framework is a part of the system, the user will not have to leave his current application after clicks on an ad. All actions will be executed right there, advertising can be closed at any time by a special button and the user returns to his running program. So, the user can learn more about an app and download it without ever leaving the current application, and then quickly return to what he was doing while another app is downloading in the background. In the case of AdMob or any other advertising, network will close the current application, and then the surprised user will be moved to Safari.

The first ad, which debuted at iOS full-functional, was the advertising of the electrocar Nissan Leaf.

An advertiser can create his own ads with the application iAd Producer. iAd Producer automatically manages all free technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript) and offers the ability to edit and debug JavaScript, as well as a powerful extension mechanism by which developers can create and reuse their own templates and page components. The cost of application is exactly $ 0 – but only for owners of an iOS Dev Center account.

And a new free application iAd Gallery is released for users. It allows enjoying all the high-tech advertising campaigns in the App Store and is used in various mobile applications. Ads are displayed using a special interface element, which looks like a wheel and can be scrolled with a finger. You can also add your favorite ads to bookmarks, called «Loved».

iAd Gallery users can also learn more about advertised products and agencies standing behind its creation. Summarizing, we can say that the introduction of iAd benefits both users and developers. Users enjoy the high quality applications for free, being able to look at the exciting promotional and advertising materials. If they do not want to see ads, they can pay a dollar or two and buy the premium version. And there is an amazing opportunity to developers to earn money without having to be in the Top-100.

As for the Android platform, I didn’t find any apps for ads optimization. The only one is AdFree Android, but it simply removes ads from applications, what developers wouldn’t actually like very much. Maybe do you know any interesting ad solutions for Android?