Intexsoft Facilitates the Increase of Education Level At the Regional University

Tuesday, 31 March 2015 09:25

A new lecture course for technical students was started at the Grodno State University on the 15th of February. The course covers a wide range of questions in the field of project requirements analysis and business analyses in IT sphere.

One of the leading professionals of IntexSoft, Eugene Shashkov aspires to provide students with necessary knowledge about process modeling, project analyses, creation of important project documentation and project development cycle according to different development models (Waterfall, V-Model and Agile). In addition, future IT specialists have the opportunity to get useful information about budget planning and to look into the real software development process. Besides, Eugen Shashkov underlined, that it was very important to give students clear understanding about typical career stages at an IT company, for example, the way from junior developer position to Principal Software Architect job.

So, IntexSoft aspires to contribute to education of new software architects' generation.


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