Intexsoft Provided Educational Training in Berlin

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 08:17

IntexSoft specialists provide lessons in the leading world universities for sharing the gathered experience with new generation. Active academic and educational practice of employees is an important part of IntexSoft development strategy.

On the 10th of January one of the leading professionals of IntexSoft Eugene Shashkov provided a lecture and practical trainings to the theme "BPMN, a general language for developers and specialists".

The event took place at the University for applied sciences Berlin and covered the problems of modeling enterprise processes in informatics by means of BPMN. Eugene Shashkov is certified Software architect (SOA Certificate of Excellence) with long-term experience in the field of software architecture and business processes modeling and analysis. He not only provided students with necessary theoretical materials to this theme, but offered them to solve some practical tasks. The results were gathered, checked and analyzed.

So, IntexSoft aspires to contribute to education of new software architects' generation.


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