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Definition of requirements.

At this stage all the requirements to the product functionality are determined and our specialists create the detailed specification of the system capabilities. Then the preliminary estimation of project costs is carried out. It is very important for our project managers to discuss with our client, whether all the requirements were understood correctly, and to receive approval from the client. At the end of this stage our clients get such document as Requirement Specification.

Analysis and Design.

This stage includes definition of the software architecture and development of domain model. We create functional and procedural descriptions of each unit of the project. Besides, our specialists analyze all the project requirements and specifications to define tasks for our team. The deadlines and costs of the project are discussed and defined. And as a result, our clients receive an Implementation Plan.


The implementation stage is the most important stage and includes development of the different software product components. All the team members perform their tasks to develop particular units of the software product, each of them being tested very carefully.


At this stage we perform testing of the completely integrated system. All the bugs, which can appear, are corrected. At last the final version of the software is tested and our clients receive a high quality software product.


IntexSoft specialists deploy the system on the customer's site and make the developed software available for use. Besides, our customers get a detailed guideline about the software usage. It is very important for us to see, that the customer is satisfied with the developed software. We must be sure, that the system works without problems and is able to perform all the business tasks of our customer.

All these stages can be realized in different combinations depending on the model of cooperation chosen by our customer and more suitable project lifecycle.


  • Top 10 in the German IT outsourcing;

Top 10 Belarusian service providers in the German IT outsourcing market 2016.

  • EBRD;

Ultimate representative of Belarusian Software Development industry on Computex in Taipei, June 2015.

  • HTP - High Technologies Park;

The best regional development centre of HTP, Minsk, 2012.

  • Intellijoy;

The application developed with IntexSoft, Kids Learn to Read, was chosen by Google to be featured at the Google I/O conference which took place at San Francisco on May 11, 2011.

  • Velcom Android Belarus;

The best Mobile application, Minsk, 2010.


  • ISVs and Technology;
  • Cleantech and Energy;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Media;
  • E-commerce and Retail;
  • Human Resources;
  • Banking and Finance.

IntexSoft provides a wide range of software development services. We offer you the fullest and most efficient solutions for your business needs. Our rich experience in specific business industries helps us build solutions that boost your company’s success and efficiency of your business. It means we develop a software product, which really works for you.

Quality assurance

  • Do it usable;
  • Do it secure;
  • Do it in Time;
  • Do it in Budget;

IntexSoft provides the services on a high level that can be compared with German quality. It is very important for us to be sure, that the project produces the desired software product with a high quality level. We are responsible for the performance of specific functional requirements, and control quality of the developed software products.

IntexSoft has a separate department devoted to quality assurance. If our clients are satisfied and understand, what they have to pay for, it is the best guarantee for us, that our company will have a stable relationship and will provide the customer with high-quality software products and services in the future.