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We transform ideas into programs and enable our clients to achieve success since 2001. During these years, we have gained the reputation of a stable software development partner.

IntexSoft in dates and numbers

  • intexsoft in 2001
    In 2001

    we started a company with 4 Java developers

  • intexsoft in 2010
    In 2010

    we opened a sales office in Herford, Germany, and 3 new divisions in Grodno, Belarus: mobile development, enterprise development and software testing departments.

  • intexsoft in 2011
    In 2011

    one of the applications developed by our client partnering with us was chosen by Google to be featured at Google I/O.

  • intexsoft in 2016
    In 2016

    Clutch recognized us as one of the top software development providers in Germany.

  • intexsoft in 2017
    In 2017

    we got into the Clutch’s list of top software development providers in Belarus.

  • intexsoft projects

    projects completed successfully

  • intexsoft people

    smart and passionate people.

  • intexsoft offices

    development offices in Grodno, Belarus and a sales office in Germany.


Our principles:


We provide our clients with the opportunity to interview each potential member of their remote team to make sure we’ve got the best fit. On client’s demand we can arrange remote or onboard meetings to report on the work done or discuss any other business issue. We also provide access to the corporate project management system to ensure full transparency.


IntexSoft invests in its people: we cover courses, conferences and English classes to prepare our specialists for various certifications and work on projects of different complexity and tech stack (to learn more about our core technologies, explore Technologies page).


To ensure stability we sign an agreement with strict contractual terms. If someone from your remote team leaves, we provide you with the best suit replacement. For such cases we also sign Non Disclosure Agreement and in our turn we sign such an agreement with each and everyone involved in your project. It guarantees that your project details will never be known by the third-party entities. We mainly serve to SME and enterprise-size companies across Russia, Western Europe and the US. Our core development industries are: e-commerce, printing, HR and Retail.

How we work:

We are flexible and able to work on the following cooperation models:

Time and Materials

Also known as “money for time & resources spent”. IntexSoft provides specialists of certain professional level and you pay only for time and resources spent on the project.

Fixed Price

Also known as “money for result”. This model defines the development of custom product where we set a single price for the project, regardless of how much time and expense incurs from the IntexSoft side.


Also called “mixed cooperation model” is the most flexible one. Each sprint is estimated as a separate project. After each sprint, the work performed is demonstrated to you. After that, we make edits and further plans for project improvement.

Tariff model

Also known as “prepayment for services provided until the balance expiration”. When the amount on the balance approaches zero, IntexSoft shall notify you. Then you can replenish the balance and continue to involve a specialist in the project as needed or suspend the provision of services.

Why clients choose us:

Proven Expertise

Proven Expertise

Stable Team

Stable Team

Full-cycle software development

Full-cycle software development

free consultation

Free consultation

free consultation

Trial period

Non Disclosure agreement

Non Disclosure agreement

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