Privacy Policy

May 29th, 2018

This Privacy Policy is effective upon acceptance.

1. Introduction

1. Introduction This Privacy Policy applies to all products, services, websites and apps offered by IntexSoft Ltd (IntexSoft), except where otherwise noted. We refer to those services, websites and apps collectively as the “services” in this policy.
References to "data" in this Privacy Policy, will refer to whatever data you transferred to our company and data collected from our websites. Reference to personal information or just information, means information about you personally, that we collect or for which we act as custodian.


IntexSoft – IntesSoft Ltd.
GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

2. Information we collect

2.1 Who are “you”?

Company using services of IntexSoft Ltd on a contractual basis.
Website Visitor
You are visiting one of our websites.

2.2 Information we collect about you.

  • Contact Information (for example an email address).
    You might provide us with your contact information, whether through a form on our website, an interaction with our sales.

  • Usage information.
    We collect usage information about you, whenever you interact with our websites and services. This includes which webpages you visit, what you click on, when you perform those actions, what language preference you have, etc.
    The data provided as part of the task under the current agreement between us and the Customer, are processed only to that extent and in such way as to achieve these tasks.

  • Device and browser data.
    We collect information from the device and application you use to access our services. Device data mainly means your IP address, operating system version, device type, system and performance information, and browser type. If you are on a mobile device, we also collect the UUID for that device.

  • Information from page tags.
    We use third party tracking services that employ cookies and page tags (also known as web beacons) to collect data about visitors to our websites. This data includes usage and user statistics.

  • Log Data.
    Like most current websites, our web servers keep log files that record data each time a device accesses those servers. The log files contain data about the nature of each access, including originating IP addresses, Internet service providers, the files viewed on our site (e.g., HTML pages, graphics, etc.), operating system versions, device type and timestamps.
    Referral information.
    If you arrive at an IntexSoft website from an external source (such as a link on another website or in an email), we record information about the source that referred you to us.

3. How we use the information we collect

We process personal data about you, either with your consent or in order:

  • To pursue IntexSoft’s legitimate interests of:
    • improving service experience; and
    • developing new products and service features.

In each of the instances where we describe how we use your data in this privacy policy, we have identified which of these grounds for processing we are relying upon.
You have given us consent to use collected data from our websites. In particular, we use:

  • Contact Information.

    We use contact information to respond to your inquiries, send you information as part of the services, and provide you with marketing information (as you do not opt-out).

  • Cookies - page tags and web beacons.
    We collect information from page tags and web beacons to allow us to determine the success of our advertising campaigns. We also use page tags to allow the email sender (for a survey or form, for example) to measure the performance of their email messaging and to learn how to improve email deliverability and open rates. For more information, please read our Cookies Policy.

  • How you use our services.
    We use information about how you have interacted with our websites to improve our website services for you and all users. Some examples which are relevant to you:


    We collect information about the webpages you have visited and your activity on our sites.
    We process your personal information in the following categories of data for legitimate interests pursued by us, which are described in detail in this privacy policy. We have undertaken to ensure that we place clear limitations on each of these uses, so that your privacy is respected and only the information necessary to achieve these legitimate aims is used. Our primary goal is to improve upon and make sure that our services and messaging are relevant for all our users, while also ensuring that the personal information of all users is respected and protected.

  • Device data.

    We use device data to troubleshoot problems with our service and to make improvements to it. We also infer your geographic location, based on your IP address.

  • Log data.

    We use log data for many different business purposes to include:

    More details: Your browser type to determine how we can present our website best, within that browser environment.

    • To monitor abuse and troubleshoot.
    • To create new services, features, content or make recommendations.
    • To track behavior at the aggregate/anonymous level to identify and understand trends in the various interactions with our services.
    • To fix bugs and troubleshoot product functionality.
    • Referral information.
      We use referral information to track the success of our integrations and referral processes.
      More details: If you clicked on an advertisement for IntexSoft, presented by one of our partners on the web, which brought you to one of our websites, we will record this information to help us track the success of advertising campaigns
      Legal uses.
      To respond to legal requests or prevent fraud, we may need to use and disclose information or data we hold about you. If we receive a subpoena or other legal request, we may need to inspect the data we hold to determine how to respond.

4. Cookies

We and our partners use cookies and similar technologies on our websites. For more information, see our Cookies Policy. We use certain cookies, as described in our Cookies Policy and here in our Privacy Policy, that you agree to when you use our sites and, in the case of some cookies, for legitimate interests of delivering and optimizing our services (where the cookie delivers essential functionality). Cookies are small bits of data that we store on the device you use to access our services, so we can recognize repeat users. Each cookie expires after a certain period, depending on what we use it for. We use cookies and similar technologies for several reasons:

  • To gather metrics about your survey-taking experience.
  • To make our site easier to use.
  • For security reasons.
  • To provide you with personalized content.
  • To improve our services.
  • Google Analytics & Yandex.Metric.

You can choose to remove or disable cookies via your browser settings

5. Security

We have a security statement that is related to our self-serve businesses available to view here. For information about security related to our other business lines, you can speak to a sales representative by completing the form here.

6. Data Retention

The contact data provided with our feedback form on our website are stored for 1 (one) year. This period can be prolonged with your permission for the next year, but the total storage period cannot be more than 3 (three) years.

The term of project data storage is determined by the agreement concluded between IntexSoft and a Customer.

We also describe the expiry periods for cookies on our websites in our Cookies Policy.

7. Safety of Minors

Our services are not intended for and may not be used by minors. “Minors” are individuals under the age of 18 (or under a higher age if permitted by the laws of their residence). IntexSoft does not knowingly collect personal data from Minors or allow them to register. If it comes to our attention that we have collected personal data from a Minor, we may delete this information without notice. If you have reason to believe that this has occurred, please contact our appointed DPO.

8. Privacy Shield (relevant to our EU users)

IntexSoft is located in the Republic of Belarus and accordingly, data will be transferred to the Republic of Belarus.
IntexSoft Ltd. participates in and has certified its compliance with information protection regulations of the Republic of Belarus and, for EU users, with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable on May 25th, 2018.
Please contact IntexSoft, as described in Section 10 below, if you have any concerns or complaints of any nature. If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our appointed DPO.

9. Changes to our privacy policy

We can make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will identify the changes we have made on this page. In circumstances where a change will materially change the way in which we collect or use your personal information or data, we will send a notice of this change to all of our account holders.

10. Your rights

Some of you (in particular, European users) have certain legal rights to obtain information about whether we hold personal information about them, to access personal information we hold about them, and to obtain its correction, update, amendment or deletion, in appropriate circumstances. Some of these rights may be subject to some exceptions or limitations. We will respond to your request to exercise these rights within a reasonable time (and in all cases within 30 days of receiving a request).
Rights which you are entitled to are:

  • Data access rights
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right of Rectification
  • Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)
  • Right to object to processing
  • Right to withdraw consent; and
  • Data portability rights

In order to obtain this list, you must first contact:

11. Exercising your rights

Our Contact Information for Privacy Inquiries


IntexSoft Ltd.
The Republic of Belarus,
Bogutskogo 5, Floor 4,
230002, Grodno
Tel.: +375 152 55 05 55
Fax: +375 152 55 55 05

Data Protection Officer (DPO):
Radiuk Maksim


If you are dissatisfied with how we have managed a complaint that you have submitted to us, you are entitled to contact your local data protection supervisory authority.