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I am gratified by the quality of IntexSoft work and by the professionalism in our communication. We internally developed the top three apps in the Education category and it was crucial for us that our outsourced apps are just as top notch. And that's exactly what happened - the apps we developed with IntexSoft get the same top ratings and download quantity as our internally developed apps. Our latest app, developed with IntexSoft, Kids Learn to Read, was chosen by Google to be featured at the Google I/O conference which took place at San Francisco on May 11.

Alex Turetsky

CEO Intellijoy

I wanted to submit my feedback for a long- term project we recently finished. In sum, we have had a resoundingly positive experience. I would recommend this firm’s software engineering to entrepreneurs like myself who demand mission-critical systems, as well as corporations looking to roll out significant new IT initiatives. We handed IntexSoft’s management team a challenging, innovative design and the team was capable of research and development at a world-class level. They were able to exploit the latest technologies and discover relevant and high-performance techniques to deliver my results. I am proud of their work and can build a business on their solutions.

Stefan Bund

CEO, Next Acropolis, LLC
Nextacropolis .com

It is significant that the IntexSoft team has a high level of professionalism. IntexSoft team is able to perform difficult tasks in the shortest possible time, is focused on the final results, high efficiency and the quality of project management.Owing to the quick response of the project team, it was possible to carry out the main part of functionality with a high quality level inspite of all the difficulties and to keep the specified deadline.

Boris Bobrovnikov

General manager, Croc

For some years now, we appreciate the very competent work and uncomplicated cooperation with IntexSoft.Especially to be emphasised is, that all commissioned tasks and programming work are not only technically sophisticated, you also get relevant informations how to improve and optimize the developments.All our questions are immediately processed and completed to our full satisfaction.

Stephan Venus

Chief executive officer

Since Intexsoft development has been done in our local particular project, i want to express my gratitude about our collaboration.It was small troubles when we started to work, but this is nothing comparing with a result. I am pleasantly surprised of Intexsoft specialists dedication and motivation during few weeks. They are not only great experts but also friendly colleagues.Wish them and whole Intexsoft company very best in future, hope soon we will work together again.

Mantas Bielinskas

Project manager

I would like to note with satisfaction the positive experience of cooperation with the IntexSoft Company.Within the collaborative work I had the opportunity to assure myself of the high professionalism, technical competence and exceptional efficiency specialists. The flexible approach, transparent communication and a number of proposed by managers technical solutions at the development of the mobile application allowed resolving of the tasks quickly and optimally.It is worth noting the due diligence of the company at the fulfilling its obligations for the meeting of the project deadlines. All of the above mentioned allows me to recommend the IntexSoft Company as a professional partner for the IT projects implementation. I'm interested in the continuation and development of our cooperation. I wish IntexSoft the continued success and new interesting projects.

Dimitri Prosvirin

Project manager

During our long-term cooperation, IntexSoft has shown its best side, approving a high level of professionalism and quality work with a lot of software development projects. We appreciate the ability of IntexSoft specialists to respond flexibly and promptly to a variety of problems, their kindness, high level of organization and the faithful observance of contractual obligations.We wish you creative and professional achievements and look forward to a fruitful cooperation in the future.

Spartak Zuy


I would like to thank the IntexSoft team for their assistance within the development of a large portal for one of the government customers.It is worth pointing that the employees have worked clearly, demonstrated their high professional level and deep technological experience, having coped with a number of non-trivial tasks. We worked with two teams under the fixed price and time&material models. We were pleased by both approaches mainly because of high standards imposed on the developers ́ skills as well as their proactivity and high interest in the project success.I want to thank the IntexSoft managers for the complete transparency within the interaction and their reliability. All this undoubtedly deserves the highest level of trust.Therefore, we are focused on a long-term cooperation and joint work in more than one project.I recommend IntexSoft as a reliable partner meeting all its obligations.

Alexander Denisov

Group of Companies “Compulink”
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