With over 10 million unique users and over 20 million downloads on Google Play alone, Intellijoy has consistently held the very top spots among apps aimed at children in the Education section of Google Play and has been awarded a Top Developer badge by Google. Intellijoy is best known for such parent-loved apps as Kids Numbers and Math,Kids ABC Letters, Kids ABC Phonics, Kids Learn to Read and more.


Intellijoy decided to deliver educational games on Android devices. After all, it's easier for parents to carry around smartphones than a suitcase of toys. On the other hand, children quickly get bored, so the games must be not only educational but friendly and fun.


In the words of Alex Turetsky, Intellijoy's top executive: "I am gratified by the quality of IntexSoft work and by the professionalism in our communication. Because we are perfectionist about the quality of our apps, we typically insist on not only creating game requirements but also doing our own implementation from start to finish. And yet, we decided to take a plunge and outsourced the graphic design and Android development of Kids Learn to Read to Intexsoft. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome - the app not only received the same top ratings and downloads quantity as our internally developed apps, but was also chosen by Google to be featured on Google Play and at the Google I/O conference."


More and more preschoolers play Intellijoy games because they don't use technology to show off their software development prowess. While Intellijoy use plenty of nifty widgets, all of them are strictly educational. If a certain 3D effect doesn't add to the learning, they leave it out. This is because Intellijoy believes that preschoolers are naturally curious and do not need to be tricked into learning with extra effects and gizmos. We share Intellijoy's philosophy and are happy to contribute to the way Intellijoy makes meaning.