Sikuli: An Introduction

Sergei Terekhov

Written by Sergei Terekhov | Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sikuli is a visual technology to automate graphical user interface (GUI) using images (screenshots).
Sikuli consists of:
Sikuli Script
API for Jython
Sikuli IDE
Sikuli Script automates everything you see on the screen without using the internal API.
You can programmatically manipulate the web page, Windows / Linux / MacOS X applications, Web applications, or even the iPhone, Andriod applications loaded into the emulator. So, Sikuli can automate almost everything!

How it works?

Example of tool work

Pros and cons

Allows you to automate any application
No need for knowledge of programming languages
Not always recognizes necessary elements
If you change the design of application you'll probably have to rewrite the tests
Time to time searches for the elements slowly

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