My 10 favorite Android widgets

Sergei Terekhov

Written by Sergei Terekhov | Monday, 10 March 2014

Desktop widgets are my favorite thing about Android. This is what I was missing so much while working with an iPhone. Android widgets allow me to customize my desktop, to control my daily tasks and my phone’s state, to get useful information in a quick and illustrative way and of course to have some fun. Widgets are very popular among Android users, that’s why mobile app development service companies pay so much attention to their creating and promoting. In general, I know and use two kinds of desktop widgets: widgets proper and widgets connected with applications. I’ll tell you about Android widgetsI find most convenient and usable.

1. Animated Widget Contact Launch.
It enables the user to make calls and SMS with video effects. The widget shows photo of the contact on your desktop. By tapping on it you receive quick dial, quick SMS, chat and email options. I’ve tried many apps and widgets for quick contacts, and I find Animated Widget Contact Launch intuitively understandable, simple and convenient.

2. Catch Notes.
You’ve already seen the review of this app here. This Android widget is as usable and nice as the application itself. By tapping you can make a quick note, photo or voice recording.

3. Days Left.
The widget never lets you forget an important day in your life. It allows you to set up a daily countdown to any date you like – Christmas or your cat’s birthday. If you want to customize the Android widget you can choose between several colors and overlays to combine them into your own designed day counter. The developers of this widget surely know the rules for creating a successful mobile application. I like Days Left very much and have already set up a countdown until New Year!

4. Battery Widget.
It is one of the thousands battery widgets on Android Market. I’ve picked this one because it shows not only battery information but also predicts and analyzes estimation time and battery temperature, and notifies you if something is wrong. But an important disadvantage is that widget is too small.

5. Taxido.
It is another widget belonging to one of my favorite Android apps for one-tap taxi call. It’s quick and convenient.

6. Family budget.
The application allows you to control your family’s finances and possesses one of the simplest widgets I’ve ever seen by apps of such kind. Two buttons “+” and “-” and the available sum of money in the middle. But be careful and put the widget in some imperceptible place of your desktop or everyone’ll see how rich you are.

7. GTasks.
It’s a simple and efficient to-do list which can be synchronized with Google tasks and shared via Gmail, Google docs, and so on. You can order your to-do items and notes by date or name, create orders, set reminders, and so on.

8. Life.contacts beta
Another Android widget for a quick access to your favorite contacts. Life.contacts beta shows pictures of your most frequently used contacts on the home screen. What I especially liked, the widget learns how you communicate and selects contacts based on that, so you’ll always have the most relevant contacts in your widget.

9. Shazam.
I think this app doesn’t need an introduction. If you hear a song you don't know, Shazam identifies it instantly. For a quick access I use its widget, so I have a big button and a field of tags on my desktop.

10. Mickey Mouse Clock Widget 2x2.
As always, a useless but very nice thing at the end. Meet a small lovely Mickey Mouse showing you the time with his hands. Actually, I like this clock because of its convenient size and clear numerals.

And what Android widgets do you use? Do you prefer widgets for having some fun or for time organization and your phone’s work optimization? A special question to iPhone owners: don’t you miss customization of your desktop?

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