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Sergei Terekhov

Written by Sergei Terekhov | Thursday, 13 March 2014

It Is uniquely: Windows Phone 8 Sales in Q4 are increased. Square-shaped software will become a new trend?

While there is no an official data about Windows Phone 8 sales increasing from Microsoft , but indirect sources of information are giving the real proof of this fact. Facebook is the one of them.

According to some sources through the Windows Phone-smartphones has been downloaded 627,000 applications for using Facebook since October 1, 2012.But only 150 thousand copies was downloaded during the same period of 2011 year.

Comparing the data, we can to conclude that, Microsoft did not exaggerate when predicted a fourfold increase of Windows Phone 8 sales.

2 759 thousand Windows Phone smartphone has been sold in the 4th quarter of 2011.

Comparing the data, we can safely say that some about 7 million Windows running smartphones is already sold in Q4 2012. Perhaps the Facebook data is the most relevant of all the contradictory evidence which we have heard from various sources recently. 

Long hoped by mobile developers from all ower the world Windows Phone 8 SDK release made a contribution to this little undoubtedly, but win.

- application Creating for WP8 available only in 64-bit Windows 8.
- You can create projects in C + +;
- There was C + + / DirectX / XAML; ligament
- Strategic technology is C # / XAML,System requirements 

Operating system type:

Windows 8 64-bit (x64) client versions
6.5 GB of free hard disk space
64-bit (x64) CPU 

Windows Phone 8 Emulator:
Windows 8 Pro edition or greater

Requires a processor that supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT).

In Summary: all it looks like win some battles, still losing the war. In any case, the smartphone market is expected to grow, with the boom of growth in 2016. Growing demand for smartphones generates demand for mobile application development, but this is an another story.

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