Developing mobile applications for kids

Sergei Terekhov

Written by Sergei Terekhov | Thursday, 13 March 2014

The modern parents have got less and less time for their children. However, children's day is long, and it's critical to occupy free hours. In addition, every good mum wants to see her little boy or girl spend the time in favour of education and mental development. Loading a suitable mobile application is not the worst idea. However, not all the mobile applications for children are useful enough; some of them can be even harmful.

Being aimed at commercial success and financial benefits software development companies should not forget, that the most important principle in this field of activity is - don't harm. Smartphones and tablets are becoming gadgets of daily use for children and teenagers affecting their mental development and abilities. It is the reason, why we have to pay special attention to the mobile application development for children.

The market of mobile applications for children offers a wide range of solution from easy games to educational applications with complex logic. What is especially important for creating a successful, useful and profitable mobile application for children of different ages? What features are critical for a good mobile solution for kids?

· Bright and attractive design is important to draw attention of little users.
· You should create a new original character able to become a friend for kids. A good character ensures you an opportunity to develop series of mobile application providing the succession of solutions for different age groups. The popularity of the character means, your project will be a great success for a long time.
· The application should be easy to use and possess no unnecessary functionality. Software, which is too complex, can be boring for children.
· An application will be successful, if it is aimed at solving concrete educational and developmental tasks. So, your application will get top ratings among teachers and parents. In fact, just adults can download the app and pay for it.
· Consult teachers and psychologists to be well informed about the features of children from different age groups.

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more and more popular among children and this fact makes a large niche in the market. Developing mobile applications for kids is an urgent issue. Read more about mobile application development for kids at IntexSoft.

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