Mobile applications for deaf and dumb people

Sergei Terekhov

Written by Sergei Terekhov | Thursday, 13 March 2014

It is undoubtedly, smartphones and tablets have gained importance as they have made communication easier, access to the Internet quicker and business processes more effective. More and more people buy smartphones not only for pleasure, but to solve important business-problems. They are gadgets of almost daily use for people of different ages and occupations.

The reason is clear; smartphones and tablets are portable; provide continuous access to the Internet and other useful services. However, did you ever think that they can become indispensable assistants for people with limited abilities (for example for deaf and dumb persons). Provided with special software these gadgets can solve problems, which are laughable for us, but critical for such people. It covers a wide range of issues from buying food at the supermarket to being educated at the university. In fact, in aggregate with some medical invention such mobile applications are capable to make the life of deaf people more eventful and richer giving them a lot of opportunities in social sphere.

A schoolboy from Russia has developed a mobile application, which is able to transform sign language into Russian and vice versa. The software was created for iOS and is able to use Google dictionaries. As a result, a smartphone or tablet can become a personal signer for a dumb person. The mobile application created by Alexander Griff catches the spoken language, records and transform it into a wave file and then into video recording showing particular signs. The application can operate with 3500 signs and it is the largest database in Russia taking into account that there are about 6000 signs in the sign language. The best Russian signer took part in creating this database. In addition, this mobile application can build correct sentences from the viewpoint of Russian syntax.

2/3 of the world's population uses 40 the most widespread languages, but there are hundreds of them. In every country, in every town there are deaf people, who need such an assistant providing successful communication. This circumstance makes new niches in the mobile software development.

The innovation can be used in different spheres of social life from going shopping and getting suitable treatment in hospital to being educated at school and getting opportunity to vote during parliamentary elections, therefore the impotence of such a software solution is undeniable.

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