We live in a world where we are surrounded by a variety of devices used each day, ranging from ATMs to validators in public transport vehicles, from door handles to switches in the car. The emergence of new technologies has changed our life significantly. Lots of different gadgets, applications, services, websites surely make our lives easier and more comfortable for us. But are these tools always convenient to use? Each of us has at least once been faced with the situation when we couldn’t just figure out how to order a product from an online store or book tickets through a website. Everyone encounters similar difficulties every day. Usability is a science which was developped to solve similar problems. In other words, Usability stands for the ease of the use of everyday objects. The world is always in motion. Every day something new occurs, and if we do not find out how to use applications, websites, machines and tools conveniently, we are predestined to constantly "suffer". In order to introduce the future IT-specialists to the Usability problematics, the Deputy Director for the Business Development of the IT company “Intexsoft” in Grodno, Eugen Shashkou, has added a Usability theme to the educational unit "Business Analysis in IT", which he provides to the students of the speicalisation "Information Ressources Management" of the Grodno State University.

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